Our Team

Kewesi Simon – Managing Director, Founder

Kewesi Simon
Kewesi is a National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) certified personal trainer. He is currently interning with the Oakland Raiders, under strength and conditioning Coach Brad Roll. Mr. Roll is currently in the NFL hall of fame for his work in training professional football players. Kewesi has worked for major fitness organizations such as Gold’s Gym and The Bladium (Oakland, CA).

Kewesi is also an instructor at the Muay Thai Academy and trains under the founder: Kru Suan Nirmalya Bhowmick. Kewesi has been educated with the same spirit of Combat Marital Sciences and tactical training that Dr. Nirmalya Bhowmick practices, as a former clandestine Senior Intelligence and Counter-terrorism operator and the founder of the Henley Putnam University, the Akribis Group and the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS). Kewesi clients include police, military and paramilitary specialist, and executive protection specialist in Close Quarter Combat Tactics

Kewesi has trained under Daniel Sabranto of Super Hero Systems for 10 years learning techniques of bare knuckle boxing and power punching. This leading him to train with John Grisham of Power Line Systems and creator of, The Super Power Punch / The Straight Power Punch. Rounding off his Martial Arts dossier, Kewesi is currently training Serrada Escrima (Stick Fighting) with The Stick Man, Jeff Finder, as well as studying Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with various professional in the industry. His clients include Oakland Police officers, Attorneys, Doctors, and many other working professionals.

Frank Rolek – Nutritionist

Frank Rolek
Frank has spent over three decades in the fitness industry, as an owner Manager, Nutritionist and personal trainer. Frank has helped thousands of clients by advocating advanced nutrition and fitness science, behavior modifications and proven motivational techniques to help them achieve their goals.

He is the author of the NPTI 500-hour personal training school as well as its first director of education. NPTI or the National Personal Training Institute is now the largest personal training school in the nation with over 25 locations nationwide. NPTI has graduated tens of thousands of first rate personal trainers in the past decade. Frank was the owner of the San Francisco school.

Frank is a nationally certified massage therapist and educator in Swedish and deep tissue massage. In addition, he holds a B.S. in nutrition from Mansfield University in Mansfield Penn.