Personal Training

Kinesthetic Exercises Sciences is an academy dedicated to education, consultation and training in physical conditioning; we provide skilled trainers to the novice and professional alike. Our strict dedication to the sciences of the body: anatomy physiology, kinesiology, and nutrition guarantee that out trainers get optimum results, in the safest and most efficient means possible.

Personal Training Programs

Personal training programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of the client. From athletes to the extremely de-conditioned. KES programs include full evaluations,  mapping  exactly what is necessary  for you to achieve your goals in the safest most efficient means possible.

  • Personal Training Facility: all of our training and classes are conducted in a private facility
  • At KES, we want you to live a happier more fulfilled life. We know, better than most, that maintaining health and fitness, and cultivating athletic physique is challenging.
  • KES is a partner helping you to achieve and maintain your goals. We encourage an active lifestyle, where of you have activities that you can get exercise as a consequence, easily maintaining your fitness.

KESfitness enhances activities that you really enjoy. Bike-riding, yoga, tennis, etc. We want you to be a better…you!