Womens Self Defense

The basis for this system is old style Muay Thai. The Thais are traditionally small in stature, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing one of the most devastating martial arts.

  • This system is designed to get the maximum amount of power output from all of your strikes with the least amount of energy expended.
  • Use the lower body (where women carry most of their strength) to deliver powerful knees, punches and elbows, you will learn how to use your natural weapons to develop devastating force (enough to incapacitate a grown man).

Through KES Womens Self Defense you will:

  • Develop self confidence and self assuredness in conflict.
  • Increase threat awareness through training.
  • Learn why most self defense systems, while making you feel empowered in the moment, you will find your newly minted skills leavening you in the fight or flight moment
  • Learn to maintain self control in adrenalized situations Develop the ability to stay calm in the mist of chaotic, violent situations
  • Become empowered by learning the realities of survival combat scenarios, and knowing that you have options and weapons available to you, enabling you to increase your chances of survival.